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The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”– The Kybalion. 

Opportunity Management

Understanding The Principle of Success

This 16 weeks course is essentially for ambitious individuals, senior managers and team leaders, in understanding the universal laws and principles that help guide one’s actions towards success in any type of operation/negotiation/transaction. This course will teach you that from where you are today, with the right attitude, you can tap into the possibilities that exist, to become a very successful individual/team leader/manager, etc… Learning to awaken the genius within you!

Understanding The Principle of Cause and Effect For close to accurate predictions

This course will help you understand that there are no causes without effects and no effects without causes. Whatever we do bring a set of results. Whatever results we have on the table came about as the result of certain actions taken. If we do not like the results, then we need to change the causes/actions at produced those results. Understanding and applying this principle will help you make predictions with close to perfect precision.

Resiliency and Well-being training course for individuals, institutions and security and defense forces

This 10-days course is about developing physical, mental, spiritual (non-religious) and psychological ll-being of the individual. Particularly useful for security forces in mastering the self and being able to handle/negotiate hostage situations etc.; being able to stay connected when held in captivity for long periods or lost in the desert. This course is also interesting for individuals and police officials in overcoming unhelpful habits

Going beyond established norms and boundaries Developing your psychic ability

This course is based on the fact that every human being is psychic. However most people are unaware that they are psychic or have the ability. When this ability is not used, it just simply gets buried under layers of conditioning. This course is an introduction to raising the awareness of the ability within you. An understanding and assimilation of this course will help to inform/alert you of imminent danger, critical conditions, split second decision making, etc. Very useful for special assignments and units (e.g. Psychic Units of special operations etc…) and for managers and decision-makers.

Risk Management

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