Coming to you is an amazing event dubbed, “BECOME THE MASTER YOUR MIND”.

Date: 27th – 28th June, 2020

Venue: ORMI office on Aviation road Ashaley Botwe, Accra.


The world is changing at a shockingly fast pace and many businesses and individuals will never recover from the shock that we are currently experiencing. But cheer up, there are always opportunities in every storm, ORMI is here to give you strong willed and heightened mindset on the following short courses;

1. Mental Training:

  • Discipline of thoughts
  • Control of thoughts
  • Subordination of thoughts
  • Provoking vacancy of mind
  • Suppression of certain thoughts

2. The Art of Concentration:

  •  Visual
  • Auditory
  •  Sensory
  •  Olfactory
  •  Taste