Who We Are

We provide risk management training, seminars/workshops and resiliency building for security, governance, public and private sector institutions. 

Our Vision

Promoting a safer, prosperous and more peaceful world!

Our Mission

To promote security, safety and good governance within institutions by encouraging and building skill-sets which contribute to effectively guaranteeing development and prosperity for relevant individuals and institutions.
Our Values


We are committed to provide the best skills to our clients in order to bring about transformation in individual lives, businesses and institutions for their safety, security and wellbeing.​


Transparency and consistency is our mantra. We honour the trust placed in us by our clients, always doing what is right and when it is right. We are non-political!



We are committed to providing services, skills and opportunities that equip individuals/ organizations /institutions /businesses with cutting edge innovations and new futures. 

Meet The Managing Director

Stella A. Attakpah

Stella A. Attakpah is a security sector professional with MSc in Security and Risk Management (Leicester University, UK). With several years experience in formulating and evaluating security sector – transnational organized crime – terrorism and its financing – money laundering projects for UN, EU, and ECOWAS member states, in cooperation with US relevant Departments, DFID (UK), UNCTED and many others. Her intuitive abilities provide her with a set of innovative tools for helping individuals and institutions develop problem solving abilities through divergent thinking. Ms. Attakpah specialises in training, capacity building, project/programme formulation and evaluation with specific relevance to security sector reform, transnational organized crime, terrorism, terror financing, money laundering and good governance, in Africa.

What we do

ORMI is run by a team of world class professionals in the area of opportunity and risk management with over 30 years of experience. We are a training and research institute that provides capacity building and training on best practice solutions related to managing opportunities, personal and institutional development as well as the risks of transnational organized crime, and AML/CFT-P.

We also explore traditional and quantum solutions in our areas of expertise. We believe the when we focus more on the opportunities around us, the objectives of the business shift towards a more harmonious set of endeavours to make institutions and individuals awaken the genius within them.

We provide bilingual (French and English) programmes in all our activities. We partner with world class experts to provide our clients with state-of-the-art services.

ORMI aims to help you to recognize the genius within you/your institution in order to prepare you to be ahead of the curve.

We specialise in : 

  • Security Risk Management Training; 
  • AML/CFT Assessment Workshops; TOC Workshops; 
  • TOC and other Security and Governance Sector Projects Evaluations; 
  • Psychic Training for Investigation Units; 
  • Remote Viewing/Non-local perception; 
  • Personal Development and resiliency building. 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them! - Albert Einstein

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