Stella A. Attakpah, ORMI Managing Director

What we do

We have a pool of experts that support our work in opportunity and risk management training, seminars/workshops, and personal/personnel resiliency building for security, governance, and public and private sector institutions.

Why Study with ORMI?

ORMI is run by a team of world-class professionals in the area of opportunity and risk management. The institution offers highly practical, academically rigorous qualifications to meet industry needs. We are responsive to risk managers’ latest challenges, including growing cyber threats and international regulatory developments. This volatile environment has seen regulators, investors, and businesses make increasing demands on organizations to demonstrate they have top-class risk management in place at an integrated level.

Our focus is on the importance of strategy, culture, behavior, and competencies about risk and concepts like risk appetite, maturity, and decision-making. ORMI has a set of dedicated visiting experts from different institutions/countries who provide services in different fields

Benefits To Employers

An organization that effectively and efficiently manages its risks and opportunities is more likely to achieve its business objectives at a lower overall cost. Risk management is an inherent part of good management. By supporting your employees through our qualifications, you will benefit from:

o Enhancing business performance and improving risk decision-making.
o Associating your organization with best risk management practices.
o Attracting and retaining high-caliber professionals by investing in personal development.
o Developing a motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable team.
o Receiving discounts on membership, qualifications, training, and events.

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